Hey everyone.

So, I wanted to avoid having a serious post up on here but it’s increasingly apparent that i can no longer avoid it.

So as the few of you who follow this comic may know I have been taking a brief hiatus for the month of April to “build up a new buffer of strips” I put that in quotes because of course I haven’t managed to do that.

Before anyone brandishes pitchforks and torches, demanding new pages, I have to step in with a brief but very heavy announcement.

I don’t know when BlankSlate will be able to continue… It’s an unfortunate thing to happen to a comic project that I really was getting into. Personal issue at home have begun to interfere with the process of maintaining this comic.

In brief summary, my mother has been admitted back into hospital with a brain tumour. And previous to that her condition had deteriorated to the point where she was forgetting to take her medication. This task has now fallen on to me, her full-time carer. So now I have the responsibility of maintaining her medication and her overall care.

As you’d imagine this eats into my time significantly.
I am still very passionate about BlankSlate and the directions the story within could take. But for the foreseeable future it is unfortunately, on hold.

I apologise to those who were following this comic for the inconvenience.

I promise that I will find a decent balance between comics and my current responsibilities and in time continue the story.

Thank you in advance.

Graham Shine (Archemetis).